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Pigeons R Us has a variety of product that are effective, safe and affordable that are humane and help keep pigeons off your place of business or residence.

The Feral Pigeons

Pigeons are generally gray in color and have iridescent feather that shine green or pink under the sunlight. Pigeons have a lifespan of 3-5 years depending on the species. Most pigeons can be found in cites, our buildings and our home where the roost and nest on our properties. Our building and homes provide a safe shelter for the Pigeons from other predators and also provide a great food source for people who love to feed the birds.

Why Pigeon Control

These pesky pigeons can cause a great deal of damage to our building, parking structures, homes and business. Pigeons carry over 60 transmittal diseases that can cause serious illness to human and our pets but most importantly our kids. There has been numerous documented cases of structures failing due to the feces and acid that pigeons leave behind. Most common home problems with pigeons are nesting in our eases, solar panels, attic, columns, entryways leaving a wasteland of feces and acid.

This can cause damage to our roofs, and the paint on your home. Also another common problem is the feces around AC systems can dry up and the particles can enter thru the AC System into the ventilation system which go directly into our homes. This can cause sickness which can in some case be very serious. This is an unnecessary risk some of us take.

How to get rid of Pigeons

There are many humane options to deter pigeons from landing and roosting. Most important first step is to clean up the mess from the pigeons before any installation of bird deterrent products can be installed. Make sure all bird dropping have been safely remove from site and sanitize the entire area.

Pigeons Control Products

Here is a list of bird control products that we use for deterrence, Bird Wire Post and Base, Bird Spikes, Shock Devices, Bird Netting, Sonic Devices, Reflectors are the most common devices available.

We can help no matter what the problems is so call us at 602-635-3307