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Solar Panels Bird Deterrent

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Rooftop solar arrays are an ideal environment for birds and especially pigeons to roost and nest. The solar panel array bird deterrent was built and designed to prevent pigeons from pigeons from accessing beneath the solar panels from accessing the area of the solar panels

Rooftop solar create the most perfect environment for many different type of birds species and provide and easy entry and exit vantage point. It also provides security , shade, from predators.

The best way to fix this problem is to install a Solar Panel Bird Deterrent around the complete solar array. We encapsulated all entry points so nothing go in and nothing goes out. First fix is to Pressure Wash under the solar panels and remove all nest and bird poop and then we sterilize the entire are. Than we affix the Solar Mesh around the solar array.

The best time to actually do this is when you install your solar panels on your roof this is the most opportune time to do so before they roost and nest.

The Solar Panel Bird Deterrent was built to last the test of time and will provide a barrier between the inside of your solar panels and the outside of your solar panels.. Pigeons will create a mess that is not healthy to live with. Most pigeons carry over 180 transmitted diseases and can cause serious issues health issues most human beings, children and your pets.
Pigeon also can cause serious damage to with wiring of the solar panels, the solar panels themselves and roofing tile. Pigeons produce a lot of poop and this creates acid which can eat threw your roof so protect your investment at all times.

Protect your investment buy installing a Solar Panel Bird Deterrent system. The solar clips we use to fasten the solar mesh to the panels directly just clip on the the edge of the solar panels. We do not glue, drill holes, staple into your solar panels. We create a physical barrier so that the birds can not enter under the solar panels.

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