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Why Bird Control Matters

HomeWhy Bird Control Matters

Every year thousands of dollars are spent to clean up after the mess made by these urban birds. Urban birds such as crows, gulls, pigeons, use building surfaces to land, roose and build their nest. Bird feces is acidic and will quickly erode and destroy the buildings materials. These pigeons carry over 60 transmittable diseases. To prevent the spread of these diseases and property damage, it is extremely important to install some form of bird control deterrent before the bird problem gets out of hand.

Here are some reasons bird control deterrent is important

  • Bird dropping and nesting materials carry transmittable diseases and ectoparasite.
  • Bird droppings are highly acidic and can stain and erode building material.
  • Bird can contaminate food production and inventory inside warehouses.
  • Regular clean up can cost business thousands of dollar yearly.
  • Bird nest can clog drains, gutters, and possess a fire risk near lighting
  • Bird droppings can be a major liability if an employee slips and falls causing an injury.
  • The business would be liable for this injury

Health Risk is a Business Risk

Birds, bird droppings and nesting material can cause over 60 different diseases and ectoparasites that can be passed to humans and pets. If bird droppings are near a ventilation system they can travel thru the building exposing your employees and customers on the compound and compromise the immune systems.

Control Poor Image

Bird dropping and bird nesting are unattractive features to home and business. Birds on ledges or bird droppings on sidewalks may send a customer or employee the wrong message. Why loose business and good employees over this matter.

Inventory Damage

Dropping from birds can cause damage to products, contaminate assembly production, or product on racking, Birds nestings can be found in warehouse Rafters and storage facilities. The also can attach the immune system of the employee be exposed to bird waste.

Property and Equipment Damage

Bird droppings my render equipment and machines inoperable or may require clean up so operators art not exposed, Bird dropping are highly acidic and can erode building material and stain fabrics.

Health Code Violations

Pest bird dropping found in food processing plants, storage facilities, restaurants or other areas may violate health codes resulting in fines or legal action or closure of a facility.

Slip and Fall

Bird dropping can be very slippery. If an employee falls the employee or customer can sue the building manager or the owner of the business. New York award 6 million in 2006 from the city after a person fell on pigeons poop and was injured in the subway.

Work Stoppage

All employees should not work in areas that are contaminated and deemed unsafe due to an accumulation of bird dropping. Bird droppings carry disease and effect the immune system. It can cause an employee to become sick due to the ignored bird problem , the business would be liable for this illness and also contribute the the employee calling out sick time. The real winner is to keep all work environments clean and free of bird droppings.