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We offer best prices for our customer

Residential 1200 SQ FT

$ 395
  • 2 Exclusions
  • 125 FT of Bird Wire
  • Basic Pressure Wash
  • 6 Linear FT of Bird Spikes
  • *Some restrictions apply

Residential 1300-1800 SQ FT

$ 495
  • 2 Exclusions
  • 175 FT of Bird Wire
  • Basic Pressure Wash
  • 10 Linear FT of Bird Spikes
  • *Some restrictions apply
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Residential 1801-2400 SQ FT

$ 595
  • 2 Exclusions
  • 200 FT Bird Wire
  • Basic Pressure Wash
  • 12 Linear FT of Bird Spikes
  • *Some restrictions may apply
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Residential 2401-3000 SQ FT

$ 695
  • 3 Exclusions
  • 250 FT of Bird Wire
  • Basic Pressure Wash
  • 15 Linear FT of Bird Wire
  • *Some restriction apply
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Services that we offer

  • Physical Exclusion
  • Flock Dispersal
  • Netting/Screening
  • Spikes
  • Clean Up
We analyze each customer’s bird problem on an individual basis, and based on budget and severity of issue, we use high quality exclusion products to remove the issue for good.
Creating barriers and structural modifications prevents pigeons from roosting and resting comfortably. If they cannot roost, they will abandon the area. We will get it done right the first time so you won’t have to worry about pesky pests ever again!
The program of flock dispersal consists of the following procedure: Installation of bait stations at specific target areas where the pest birds normally roost and perch. Initially, a pre-bait feed is used to attract the birds and become accustomed to the feeding stations. After the birds begin to regularly feed from the bait stations, we substitute a material called “Avitrol” that contains flock-alarming properties, Once ingested it will cause the bird to react in a way that will frighten the remaining flock away from the site.
The strongest and most effective bird exclusion system, netting denies pest birds access to any architectural configuration including courtyards, rooftops, overhangs, parking garages, etc.
Stainless Steel or Polycarbonate Spikes has an incredible success rate of preventing birds from landing on ledges, corners or surfaces making it an uncomfortable place to roost.
The first step in the process of exclusion is clean-up. A typical infestation will leave the site covered in waste. Proper removal is extremely important, as the waste contains disease and contaminants that may become airborne. Bird’s nests and droppings also attract fleas, ticks, mites and other parasites. All of these contaminants may enter your home or building through air handling vents if not properly disposed of.

Our trained technicians will remove the waste, pressure wash the site and finish by disinfecting and sanitizing the area.


✓ American Made Products Only

✓ Long Manufacturers Warranty

✓ We Never Use Chicken Coup Wire

✓ We Do The Job Right The First Time

✓ Friendly Customer Service

✓ Guaranteed Pricing

✓ We Never Leave A Mess

✓ The Right Price – The Right Fix

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No more pigeons… Thank you Pigeons R Us!

-Keith W. Surprise

Its nice to know the job was done right the first time!

-Nancy K. Phoenix

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