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Frequently Asked Questions

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All Labor and material come with a 5 year Warranty as long as customer uses our recommended installation procedures.

Depending on what services we provide on average 3-6 Hours also depending on location of service.

If your see birds nesting under eaves, birds congregating on your roof, vents, on all high pitches of roof, bird dropping you have a pigeon problem.

Although pigeons are not a protected bird species we always humanely handle the removal of birds.

Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Retail Center, Signs on Buildings, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Food Plants, Hospitals, Fast Food Restaurants, Gas Stations, Apartment Buildings.

Simply put when a pigeon finds a home it stays in one location all of its life and usually will find shelter on eaves, roof tops, on top of pop outs on windows, bridges and the list just goes on.

Pigeons carry over 50 different disease and we highly do not recommend anyone removing pigeon waste without proper safety bio-hazard equipment and professional training. If the spores go air-bound they can cause grave danger to your health.

Simply put they are not because they transmit diseases and contaminate food supplies and cause major health problems for kids and grown ups.

Pigeons pose a major risk to our Health, our food supply, our kids, schools, hospitals, retail centers, shopping centers, restaurants. Having a flock of birds nest in any area could cause damage to existing property such as bird waste on roofs, sidewalks, eaves, cars, air conditioner units, stain tile on your roofs. Not effectively controlling the problem could result in thousands of dollars in damage down the road.

Most home buyers shy away from homes that are infected with a flock of pigeons and to make matter worse they can devalue the sale of your home but also delay the time it take to sell your home. Bird control will help you sell your home quicker!

Depending on what you Need average price is $395.00 to $900.00

Just to name a few, Salmonella, Meningitis, West Nile virus, E Coli, Avian Flu Hsn1 and Histoplasmosis.

The answer is No. We have several different methods to give you a quote without you being there. Satellite Survey, Drone Survey, Survey by Inspection!