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Winging It Right: Your Bird Abatement Experts

Founded with the aim of providing top-notch solutions for homes and businesses, we’ve grown from humble beginnings into a trusted name in the industry. Discover our journey, meet the faces behind the brand, and learn why Pigeons R Us is your ultimate partner in creating bird-free environments.

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Transform your residential & commercial space with newfound peace of mind & convenience

No longer will you need to fret over the constant hassle of bird-related nuisances invading your home or business. With our expert solutions in place, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted tranquility and pristine surroundings, free from the disruptions and potential damages caused by pesky avian intruders. From improved property aesthetics to enhanced health and safety, our services will create a harmonious environment where you can thrive without the worry of environmental or bird-related challenges.

Welcome to the story of our humble beginnings

In the crisp autumn of 2019, Pigeons R Us emerged from a simple desire for a fulfilling, stress-free venture. After dedicating 25 years to another industry, I knew it was time for a change – something meaningful, something appreciated without the weight of day-to-day pressures.

As fate would have it, a conversation with a neighbor about bird control sparked a new idea. Hearing her recount a seamless experience with bird wire, Al Cove, and bird spikes installed for just $895 in a swift three hours ignited my entrepreneurial spirit. Crunching numbers and weighing possibilities, I saw a golden opportunity in the making.

The early days were a learning curve, but with each installation, we honed our craft. Serendipity intervened when Wisdom, with eight years of experience under his belt, joined our ranks. Today, with three trucks and a team of four dedicated individuals, we’ve become a staple in the Valley of the Sun.


When it comes to skill we don't settle - we recruit only the crème de la crème in the industry.


A sharp veteran, our co-owner Robbie has a lifetime of experience. Expect nothing but the very best of service!


Our beautiful co-owner, Lidia wife to Robbie and mother to Frank. She is the backbone of the Pigeons R Us family.


A professional estimator, Frank ensures all business is handled smoothly. His support has been impactful to the team.


With over 8 years of top-notch experience, Wisdom is the perfect technician for your service. Employee of the year from 2019-2020 and 2022.


Meet our rockstar installer Derrik – not just trained, but expertly tuned to perfection! 


When it comes to installation skills, we don’t settle – we recruit the crème de la crème just like Paris.

Why Choose Us

At Pigeons R Us, we embrace innovation to stay ahead in bringing bird abatement and solar proofing to your properties.


We embrace cutting-edge techniques, products, and technologies to lead the way in pigeon abatement and solar proofing.


Our commitment to quality and meticulous care ensures that we consistently deliver top-notch services and support.


We focus on achieving tangible results, with over 500 positive reviews from our customers that demonstrate our expertise.


We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients and fostering a community where knowledge and experience are shared.

"Pigeons R Us is the best! When they do the job they take the time to thoroughly clean up the entire area after service."


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Family & Veteran-Owned Business

Meet the husband & wife duo behind Pigeons R Us: Lydia & Robbie – whose journey began with a shared vision and a passion for making a difference. Faced with the challenge of finding a fulfilling post-retirement venture, they stumbled upon the world of bird control, sparked by a neighbor’s tale of seamless solutions. With a meticulous eye for detail and a determination to create a stress-free business, they took flight, armed with a single truck and a commitment to excellence. As they navigated the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, their bond grew stronger, their expertise flourished, and Pigeons R Us soared to new heights. Today, their shared dedication has transformed countless homes and businesses, leaving a lasting legacy of professionalism, care, and unrivaled service.

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