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Tired of pesky pigeons? Fear not, because PIGEONS R US is here to the rescue! As your local bird control experts, we’re committed to putting an end to your bird woes for good!

Your Trusted Bird Abatement Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Whether you’re dealing with pigeons roosting on rooftops or other avian nuisances, trust us to provide the expertise and tailored solutions needed to safeguard your property. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and the use of humane, environmentally-friendly methods set us apart as the go-to choice for bird abatement services in the Phoenix area.

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Veteran-Owned Bird Control Services

When it comes to effective bird abatement services in Phoenix, Arizona, our team stands as your trusted partner with a commitment to excellence and a proven track record on delivering reliable bird control solutions.


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Welcome to Pigeons R Us, where our team of skilled installers is prepared to address your bird-related concerns six days a week with the right equipment to do the job right the first time.

"Pigeons R Us really keep you informed. The service at our home was excellent."

— Barry Kimmons, Phoenix, AZ

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Commercial Netting Bird Control Solutions

Our commercial bird control solutions utilize physical deterrents like netting and spikes and visual deterrents or reflective surfaces to manage birds in urban and industrial areas.

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