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Shield Your Solar Panels From Pesky Pigeons

Pigeons R Us Commercial Netting Services offers comprehensive solutions to tackle avian intrusion in commercial spaces. 

With our expertise in bird management, we provide tailored netting solutions to prevent pigeons and other birds from roosting and nesting in your buildings. 

Our specialized netting systems are designed to be discreet yet highly effective, ensuring the protection of your property without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

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Service area is within the state of Arizona only.
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Professional Commercial Bird Netting job

"100% Professional & Dependable"

Pigeons R Us was professional and did excellent work. One of the unfortunate problems with today’s businesses, is dependability. Your team has proven to be both professional & dependable.

— Steven Raymond

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"They did a great job and we are really satisfied!"

Pigeons R Us is fabulous and Robbie, the owner is great to work with. He is very knowledgeable, caring and accurate. The tech, Wisdom was amazing and came out on time, put together his tools and started performing the cleaning and installation without delay. He was friendly and nice to deal with.

— Ron Sankey

experience great work ethic

"Prompt, efficient, and fast!"

The guys were prompt and efficient, the service was faster than I expected, and the price was exactly as quoted. I have enjoyed working with this company!

— Heidi Bowie

Cleaning services

Solar Panels Pressure Washing

Pressure washing solar panels is a crucial maintenance step to ensure optimal energy efficiency and longevity. Over time, dirt, dust, bird droppings, and other debris can accumulate on the surface of solar panels, reducing their effectiveness. Pressure washing gently removes these contaminants, restoring the panels to their original condition and maximizing their performance. 

With our professional pressure washing services, you can enhance the output of your solar energy system and maintain peak efficiency, ultimately saving you money on energy bills while minimizing your environmental footprint.

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At Pigeons R Us, we embrace innovation to stay ahead in bringing bird abatement and solar proofing to your properties.


We embrace cutting-edge techniques, products, and technologies to lead the way in pigeon abatement and solar proofing.


Our commitment to quality and meticulous care ensures that we consistently deliver top-notch services and support.


We focus on achieving tangible results, with over 500 positive reviews from our customers that demonstrate our expertise.


We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients and fostering a community where knowledge and experience are shared.